Senior Photo Shoot- $150

blogworkshopIMG_8334 copy 2Senior photo shoots typically take longer then most shoots. This is because included in the shoot is Multiple outfit changes and up to 2 locations. A typical senior session lasts about 2 hours . With this    session you are guarenteed 20 or more images. You will receive full rights to print and share. All images you receive will be fully enhanced and edited to perfection. 

Child / Toddler Session $125

blogkinbabIMG_7200 copy 3

Child/toddler sessions are typically for ages between 6 months and 12 years. These sessions usually last an hour. Working With Children This should be FUN! Please let me lead the way and I will ask you if I need help. I will work at their level and their pace. Sometimes, we will work one-on-one, away from the pressures of “performing” from mom and dad. A favorite doll, a colorful toy, or other activities like bubbles, etc. are wonderful, too. It helps to make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the session, that nap time isn’t too close to session time and the kiddos are well fed. Nursing breaks for babies, chill out and snack time for little ones, etc are always accommodated with pleasure.

You will receive a minimum of 20 images with full rights to print and share. This session covers up to 3 children. If you have more then 3 children i will usually charge family session price. 

 Family photo Session $150

xxbreezechristineIMG_3045 copy

Family photo sessions usually take about and hour and a half  to complete sometimes more.  There isn’t a limit of people as long as they are in your household.  I will always welcome family pets into the shoot too.  You will receive a minimum of 20 images. With all rights to photos for printing and sharing!

Engagement Session – $125

blogmadaIMG_7362 copy
Engagement sessions . I just love capturing the love and romance. this session usually takes about 90 min to complete. This sessions are great to bring a personal blanket to. Maybe have a picnic. possibilities are endless. My goal is to capture your love. With this shoot you will receive a minimum of 20 images and receive full rights for printing and sharing. 

Maternity Session – $125

blogIMG_5789 copy

Maternity sessions are a beautiful thing. These are timeless pictures you must have. This session usually takes about an hour . Your spouse and other children may be included in a few shots as well.  You will receive a minimum of 20 images with full rights. 

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